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Born and raised in Mount Vernon, NY, DJPrecise1914 grew up to hip-hop music. As a teenager, his love for hip-hop led him to joining a group of individuals deeply rooted in Mount Vernon's hip-hop scene called the PathFindaz. This group was led by DJs such as DJ Chuck and DJ Psych Norm (RIP), but would eventually be the breeding ground for not only DJPrecise1914, but also NY's Underground Mixtape King and Remy Ma's Official DJ, DJBedtyme357.​
In 1997, Precise enrolled at Norfolk State University, then transferred one year later to Old Dominion University, where he would become acquainted with WODU's own DJ Doughboy. Precise watched and learned from not only Doughboy, but other ODU DJ's such as DJ Casper, DJ RNS, and DJ Rob Stacks.
In 2005, Precise felt it was time to apply all of the knowledge that he had acquired. Starting with an opportunity to DJ at a local house party, Precise finally made his start into the world of djing. After forming his company, Blue Light Entertainment (Now Ace Entertainment), Precise made his entry into the private event market. Then in 2008, local mogul Curt Anderson opened The Ultra Lounge in VA Beach, VA. After finally convincing Curt to give him an opportunity to showcase his skills, Precise eventually became the Happy Hour DJ.
Since then, Precise has DJ'd at several Hampton Roads establishments while working alongside various radio DJ's such as DJ Ruckus, DJ Phillie and DJ Green. In 2009, after working with Mic Fiend Music on several early projects, Precise became the official DJ of Mic Fiend Music. "I do this for the love of music. The Lord blessed me with this ability and I love doing what I do". Precise's projects include following up on the successful Radio Killa mixtape series with his labelmate Thadd Williams, his VA or Die and Tastemaker series, while spinning as the official DJ for Rock The Mic University, the popular open mic platform for VA independent artists.  His work with VA independent artists has earned him the title of the "Underground King of VA".
In 2010, Precise started to become a household name within the 757, especially when he began spinning at a popular Portsmouth lounge called Krush. One night while spinning at Krush, he would meet another up and coming DJ in the 757, DJ D. Hawks aka The Turntable Bully. The two would soon collaborate on several private events, including the Cancer Masquerade Bash at Mangos, while strengthening their brand within the 757 market.
Precise has worked or collaborated with several 757 DJs such as DJ Boz, DJ Jack of Spade, DJ D Money and DJ E Shorty. He has also befriended several legendary DJs such as DJ Devastator, DJ Babey Drew and DJ Rick Geez just to name a few. Recently, Precise has linked up with D. Hawks, Ruckus, in addition to three other legendary VA DJs, DJ Strez, DJ Hipp and DJ Puff Dragon. The 6 DJs have formed a brotherhood and have recently become an official DJ Crew, X-Factor.
Today, DJ Precise has become a household name in the Hampton Roads area and beyond. He provides entertainment for organizations to individuals, wedding couples to school districts, lounges to local arenas, and everything in between.


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