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Embark on a sonic journey through time with DJPrecise1914, owner and operator of Precisely Done Entertainment. Hailing from the cultural crossroads of music and history from New York to Virginia, DJPrecise1914 blends the past and present seamlessly, creating an electrifying experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.


With a passion for both music and history, DJPrecise1914's sets are more than just mixes – they're immersive narratives that transport listeners to different epochs and cultures. From the soulful sounds of Motown to the pulsating dance floors of House and Baltimore Club, each track is carefully curated to relive the essence of its time.


Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of human history, DJPrecise1914 infuses his sets with a deep understanding of the social and cultural contexts in which each song was created. Through his music, he invites audiences to explore the connections between past and present, shining a light on the enduring relevance of timeless themes and the emotions they evoke.


Whether he's spinning records at local clubs, curating the soundtrack for a wedding celebration or headlining major corporate events, DJPrecise1914 captivates audiences with his unmatched skill and infectious energy. His dynamic performances are a testament to his dedication to the craft and his commitment to preserving the legacy of music through the ages.

Join DJPrecise1914 on a sonic odyssey unlike any other – where the vibes are as timeless as the stories they tell.

Encore Awards 2019 Best DJ


Hampton Roads Youth Foundation DJ
Norfolk Links DJ
Black Child Development Institution DJ
Hampton University DJ
Chesapeake Public Schools DJ
Hampton City Schools DJ
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